Terms and conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of the program carefully before registering or using the website. All users of this web-page consent that accessing and taking information from this website will be done according to the Terms and Conditions and of any other applicable law. By using this site you agree to review this section periodically, as the section may suffer modification. The program is conceived in such a manner that all its action will take place under the Romanian Laws.

This Agreement is governed by the following terms:

By this Agreement, the Startup agrees to participate in the SprintPoint Pre-accelerator program. Startup Transilvania undertakes to organize that program.
This Agreement shall not have the effect of constitution of any partnership, corporation and/or other group or special association between Startup Transilvania and the Startup, nor does it imply that Startup Transilvania will act as an agency on behalf of the startup.

SprintPoint is a 8 week long pre-acceleration program organized by Startup Transilvania. It is structured to have 2 major segments, the first one discussing the market that the startup will tackle and the the second one being product development. For a team to achieve optimal results we require at least 85% attendance.
Most program activities will take place after 18.00 during week days and during weekends. The full agenda will be announced at the beginning of the program.

Startup Transilvania Obligations
In order to help to the development of the Startup’s project and thereby facilitate its implementation and potential for success with customers and/or investors, Startup Transilvania undertakes to help the Start Up during the duration of the Sprint Point program with:
• training sessions, coaching and mentoring;
• networking opportunities with mentors and investors;
• organizing and promoting the Demo Days, where the Startup will have the opportunity to meet potential investors.

Startup Obligations
In pursuing the object of this Agreement, the Start Up agrees to:
• Participate and attend SprintPoint program with at least 2 team members.
• Participate in the activities proposed by Startup Transilvania under the SprintPoint program in accordance with the schedule delivered;
• Provide feedback at the end of each session, and at least once after the program;
• Provide information about fundraising, jobs created and general business development for up to 3 years after the end of the program.
• Refer to Startup Transilvania and the SprintPoint pre-acceleration program in the project’s marketing materials;
• Authorize Startup Transilvania to use the startup’s name and project name in promotional materials of the program.
• Agree not to participate in the Program in any manner that might infringe any third-party proprietary, intellectual property, industrial property or other rights, including without limitation, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or confidentiality obligation.
Agree to pay 3% equity to Startup Transilvania as organizer of the program.
Agree for Startup Transilvania to collect the team and the startup’s personal information necessary for managing the Program.

Selection procedure
The primary selection criteria are:
1. A team, not individuals.
2. A project, not an idea.
3. A project that has scaling potential.
Candidate requirements: thinking outside the box, committed and collaborative, hard working, eager to learn. These characteristics need to be consistent throughout the program.
The selection will be made based on the form that you can find on our registration page.

Intellectual Property
All intellectual property and industrial property rights that belong to the startup will remain with the startup.
The startup grants Startup Transilvania permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and publicly display their program submission for any purpose, including future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice and without any fee being paid by or to the startup, except where prohibited by law, and unless otherwise advised by the startup.
Startup Transilvania will not be liable for any intellectual property infringement, misuse or plagiarism by another startup in the Program and reserves the right, at any stage, to disqualify any startup if it believes it has violated intellectual or industrial property rights of another startup.

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