Here you can find answers to most of the frequently asked questions about the SprintPoint pre-acceleration program.
What is an acceleration program?
An accelerator is an intensive training and mentorship program for startups. It provides the necessary knowledge and competences to make your business market fit and launch ready. Also, the program prepares startups for commercialization or to find investment.
Can I participate if I have a full-time job? When are the activities scheduled?
Yes, you can apply if you have a full time job. All the activities will be scheduled after 18.30 during weekdays and on weekends.
Do I have to come work at the hub every day for 8 weeks?
If you wish you can work for 8 weeks at Cluj Hub, but you can also work from home. During the activities that are part of the program you will be required to be present at the HUB.
Are the mentors in-house all the time?
We will have 2 kinds of mentors. The first type of mentors will visit the teams and you will have the chance to contact them further in the program. The second type of mentors will come specifically for lectures and you will have to take advantage of the time you have during that visit.
Me or one of my team members will not be in Cluj-Napoca for the entire program. Can I still participate?
In order for the program to achieve maximal impact and reach its objectives you will need at least 85% attendance. Any schedule conflicts should be discussed beforehand with the organizers.
Who can apply?
The program is designed for startups that already have a product or service. This edition caters to tech or IT startups.

Ideal candidate:
– you have a product (MVP / prototype level) in tech or IT
– your product targets B2B, IoT, Fintech, eHealth, Security, Big Data/ Analytics, Mobile, VR/AR
– your product has a high potential for global growth and you plan to launch in 4-6 months
– you are fully committed and you have a strong technical team or co-founder; in order to be eligible you must have at least one person in your team who is tech-oriented.

What are the selection criteria?
We are looking for:
1. A team, not individuals.
2. A project, not an idea.
3. A project that has scaling potential.

Candidates’ requirements: thinking outside the box, committed and collaborative people, hard workers, eager to learn. These characteristics need to be consistent throughout the program.

How many people do you accept per team?
A team should officially have at least 2 members that participate in the program. If you intend to change the components of your team throughout the program, you should discuss it beforehand with the organizers. Teams formed of 3-4 participants are ideal. Teams that have more than 5 members will be harder to accommodate, therefore please discuss this with the organizers.
When do I know if my team got selected?
The results will be disclosed at least 2 days before the beginning of the program.
What information do I need to provide in the application form?
You will need to provide: the project name, a one-line pitch, project description, customers, competitors, value proposition, revenue model, etc.
More details can be found on the application form on our website.
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