Achieve results

1. Commercially ready product

We will make sure that you’ve built something that is sellable.

2. Beta or early paying customers

Products are useful when people actually look forward to paying for them.

3. Validate business model & pricing

We’ll guide you through the process of validating both your business model as well as pricing.

4. Competitive analysis

Who else is doing the same thing as you do and what makes you so special?

5. Unit economics & product metrics

Figure out how much it costs to get a user and how much it generates.

6. Traction in specific markets

Get your product fit for stepping out on a growing market

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Extended services

Commercialization and growth for technology companies

To become a strong global player

✓ Global sales scale-up

✓ Strategic commercial & distribution partnerships

✓ Soft-landings in specific markets

✓ Investment identification, negotiation & investment readiness level

✓ Product management

✓ Opening offices in new countries

✓ European or other public funding or grants identification

✓ Assessment on your innovation readiness level

✓ Idea & team incubation modules

Digital transformation and corporate innovation

To become a competitive digital player

✓ Idea & team incubation modules

✓ Product development

✓ Soft-landings for new market experimentation

✓ Investment readiness level & Executing funding deals

✓ SME Instrument financing assistance

✓ Innovation Labs & Corporate Hackathons

✓ our network services –

✓ International legal & intellectual property assistance

✓ Assessment on you product technology readiness level

Ready to go to the next step?

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For the duration of the ”sprint” you will have the opportunity to use the office space at Cluj HUB (no. 19 Pitesti Street, Cluj-Napoca)
ClujHUB is a modern, central co-working space in Cluj-Napoca that brings together startupers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives and gives them the opportunity to work, socialize and participate to various events in an environment that fosters growth and creativity. You will have all facilities needed: open space, office supplies, super fast and secure wifi and even a garden to relax in!
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